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Oak Points Hammer Down Dee
(Call name: Annie)

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Annie is an average female, weighing 48# and is 22" tall. She comes from great lines including UFTA F CH Ruffcorn Sledgehammer, HOF UFTA F CH20 Angels Jack Hammer, 18x Champion BJ's Ohi Hitman, Amauer Pheasant Champion, PHU National Champion BJ's Pretty Penny to name just a few. Annie is a close to mid working dog, in the 75 yard range. She is very low keyed, great in the house and well mannered. She will be bred to Buddy again this Spring, 2021. We are currently accepting reservations for this litter. Please contact us to reserve a pup or for more information. Pups from this litter are $1200, male or female.

Country-Side Breeders Annie
Annie's UKC Pedigree

Country-Side's Simply Stunnin Stella
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Stella comes from Esther and Cash. Her background includes excellent lines from Krystal Creek, Wind River, Tip Top, and Petesch kennels. Stella is very driven in the field. Her nose is constantly searching for game birds. She is very biddable and all business in the field and aims to please. Along with these great qualities in the field, she is also a very affectionate and loving in the home-making for a great family companion. Stella is smaller, weighing 42# and standing 21" tall.

Pedigree Country-Side's Stella

Country-Side's Salt N Pepper

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Pepper is a granddaughter to Esther. Her background includes excellent lines from Shadowrock, Wolf Plain and Petesch kennels. Pepper is very thorough in the field. Her nose is constantly searching for gamebirds. She aims to please both in the field and house. She tends to work closer, but also adjusts to cover, making her great for tight covered birds such a grouse and woodcock as well as pheasants. Pepper is average size, weighing 49# and standing 23" tall. She will be bred Winter of 2020. Pups from this litter will be $1200, male or female. Please contact us for more information on this litter.

Pedigree for Pepper.jpg

Country-Side's TW Hole in the Bottle Jersey

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Jersey is a direct daughter to the Wind River and Twisted Whiskey lines.  As you can see in her pedigree, her sire is MH Wind River's Cabelas American Sniper (Legend) and her dam is Turtle Creek TW's Whiskey Girl JH (Karlee). She is a stylish, driven, determined female in the field with great conformation and talent.   Her nose is non stop and her points are stylish.  She is a closer working girl, great for not only pheasant, but also woodcock and grouse.  She has a very mellow demeanor, not much bothers Jersey.  She is average weight, at 54#, and height, at 23" tall. 


Located just north of Green Bay, WI, we have been specializing in the care, training, standards and love of the German Shorthaired Pointer since 1999.  A pup purchased from us will fit your lifestyle both in the home and hunting aspects. We guarantee all our AKC pups, for both health, and hunt. 


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