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                                                     Country-Side's Spot On Buddy 
                                                                                                                       (click on name for more pictures of Buddy)

Buddy is very mellow male, stemming from champion lines such as Ruffcorn's Sledgehammer and Angels Jack Hammer on the sire's side and BJ's Ohi Hitman, BJ's Pretty Penny as well as BJ's Ragin Rachel on the dam's side. He is very biddable and all business when in the field and aims to please. He has a very strong desire and drive out in the field, as well as performing water retrieves for duck and geese. Buddy is a close working dog, ranging out 50-60 yards. With these great hunting qualities and combined with his loving personality, Buddy is a wonderful companion in the house. Buddy weighs approximately 65#, and stands 24" at the withers. He is very similar to Country-Side's Hankstigater, for those of you who were familiar with him.Pups from Buddy are turning out to be as outstanding and natural as he is!

Buddy Pedigree

Located just north of Green Bay, WI, we have been specializing in the care, training, standards and love of the German Shorthaired Pointer since 1999.  A pup purchased from us will fit your lifestyle both in the home and hunting aspects. We guarantee all our AKC pups, for both health, and hunt. 

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