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Hey Patty,
Just wanted to say thanks again for making our house fun with patter of four feet. Jordy is such a kind soul and Milo has the most unique big personality of any dog I have ever seen. At the moment he is chasing Jerry around the house grabbing his leg with his and then biting him to play. We had the grandsons over Friday night and Milo was right in the middle playing as if one of them. Although the three year old often says “ Jordy is such s nice dog”. But then plays with the puppy. Still missing Buck terribly but these two sure make it easier. Anyway thanks again. For the thousandth time. -Tracy and Jerry, WI




First off, I would like to inform you that no less than 15 people asked me where I got my dog. They loved Sadie's markings and how she looks (muscle, bone structure). We got out to our field and went about 50 yards, she ran past me down this 4 wheeler track, put on the brakes and locked up on this clump of grass about 5 yards in front of me. I thought for sure she was on a mouse, as she does this when we are on our walks. I told her to "hold", I kicked the grass and nothing happened, she insisted that there was something there. I gave one more kick and out came a pheasant, I turned and shot it. I told her to fetch it up, she went over by it but couldn't get her mouth around it, so she licked it and picked it up by it's neck and dragged it a couple of feet. I went over by her and proceeded to praise her up and down, petting her and rubbing her ears. I took the pheasant by the legs and moved it around on the ground and got her even more excited and told her "let's go, hunt 'em up". The whole day she had 5 points. The points were unbelievable, good solid points. Then, I took Sadie to a part of the field where my buddies Lab went through. As we walked through, my buddy told me that there was nothing there because his Lab had already gone through it. I said ok. I took Sadie through and told her to find me one more. Couple of seconds later she got birdy and then pointed in a clump of grass. I said "hold", then flushed out a pheasant. I asked my buddy if there was anywhere else that his dog already went through. Patty, whatever genes you have in your dogs is worth more than anybody could ever pay. To think that at 5 months old she already knows how to point without a lot of coaching is a testament to your breeding. I went hunting not having high expectations and came out with a championship style dog. She never once ranged on me, stayed within 25-30 yards, listened to every word that I said. The other dog that we hunted with ranged on us twice and ended up flushing 2 pheasants, that we never got. I am still in awe today as I write this. I can't tell enough people about how she did. I would put Sadie up against any dog when it comes to hunting. Except yours of course ;-) To sum up this weekend: Unbelievable!!!!!!!!



Hey Patty,

We took Maverick out pheasant hunting this weekend and he was fantastic! He quartered beautifully and was a natural! His nose was to the ground the whole morning! He didn't want to stop. He looked like a little raptor hopping through the tall grasses! Once he gets his first bird we will have to send you some pictures!! We love him dearly and are so glad he came to us. Thanks, The Voss family!

Hey Patty,

Well we have had Scout out to hunt every Sunday. And that character has put us on birds each and every week. Last week he had us on 3 birds, we got one. The birds at Bong tend to run. But he managed to get onto three birds and get into a classic point each time. It is awesome and we are truly enjoying every minute we have with him. Mike cannot believe how well he is doing. Mike is in awe. There were two other dogs and I could not count how many guys looking for a bird that had run into some thicket. Well, we were so proud of that little guy. He found the bird all these guys and dogs were looking for. Mike shot it and we went on our way and all those guys were left standing there. We were so impressed. We wanted to give him a treat each time he got a bird for us and we have found that he doesn't want any. He spits them out and wants to get back on the hunt. He loves to go hunting. Spirit is getting really big, tall and lean. Still all legs though. He is a joy to have around. Take Care, Ellen and Mike





Hey Patty,


It's been a while since we update you on Chief, and I don't think we have sent any pictures since early in 2008.


He has a lot of Hank in him as our doors can attest, nothing he seems to enjoy more than standing up and looking out the door to see what is going on in his yard.   Now that he is fully grown and fleshed out he weighs about 73lbs and is a little taller than knee high at his shoulder.   Needless to say, he is truly a GSP :) and thinks he is a person more often than he thinks he is a dog.

Thank you so much for letting us have him in our lives. 

Shawn and Karen

Sterling, Il

Chief - Coco/Hank



Hello Patty,


I finally took some pictures of Colbie when we were hunting yesterday so I figured I would send you a couple. 
She is doing really good.  We have only hunted Grouse and Woodcock so far and we have gotten a dozen or
so of each.  She has pointed many times like she has been doing it for years.  I knocked a grouse down and it hit the ground running.
She chased it down over 100 yards, caught it and brought it back to me.  Needless to say I was pretty proud of her.  Either way we are having fun and she has been nothing but a good dog for us other than 
we made the mistake of letting her sleep in the bed when she was a puppy and now those long legs take up the whole bed.

Green Bay, WI

Colbie - Annie/Goose




Hi Patty,

Atticus went on his first backpacking trip with us last weekend.
Thought you might like to see some photos.
As Katherine put it, he's never had a better time in his life.  He
carried his own food and water and didn't stray too far from us, even
when deer passed through our camp on several occasions!
He's happy and healthy and is looking forward to being outdoors more
now that the hot desert summers are abating.


Troy and Katherine

Tucson, AZ


Atticus - Annie/Goose





Just a little note, Cadie is doing well - she has a great nose and is turning out to be a fantastic hunting partner and family dog.  Had her out for her first hunt this weekend and she did great (wish I could say the same for my shooting).  She looks like a million bucks when she goes on point and is one of the smartest and most wanting to please dog we have ever had.

David and Leslie
Fox Lake, IL

Cadie - Coco/Goose





Hi Patty


Shelby and I went hunting on public hunting grounds yesterday hoping the DNR had put out some birds finally and they did. We were walking down a dirt road when Shelby took a hard left into the field I heard a rooster cackle, but it was running on us, with Shelby on its tail feathers. We chased that rooster a long time before Shelby caught up to it, I shot and did not miss (thank God or Shelby would never forgive me)(lol).


I want to thank you for giving Patti and me such joy in our life with Shelby is a great family member, although a little hard headed at times (lol).


Thank you for the Iowa update


Talk to you soon.
Jon and Patti
Verona, WI

Shelby - Molly/Hank





Daisy is growing up to be another great dog.  Attached is a pic of her first hunt.

She is learning fast and has great enthusiasum.  

Millie didn’t want to be in the picture, she is on my son’s right just out of the frame. This is her third year in the field and she has been getting better each year, she is a joy to hunt with.  Millie is being a very good mentor to Daisy, they make quite the pair.


Bruce and Nancy
Menomonee Falls, WI

Millie - Coco/Gunner
Daisy - Belle/Hank




Hey Patty-


I thought I would send some very recent pictures of Luna and tell you how blessed we are to have such a great dog.  We've been trainer her 3-4 days a week  since the week we brought her home and she just can't get enought of being out in the field working. We've been using live birds (quail) after the first 2 weeks of having her home and just yesterday introduced phesant  and the beeper collar, since she has been growing like a weed.  As for in the house, she is very calm and thinks she is still a lap dog.  I've had a handful of inquiries as to which breeder we used and I believe we couldn't have gotten a better dog. Thanks for giving us such a blessing to our family and great companion....hands down I know where we will get our next pup from. Our trainer stated this has been the best GSP pup he has ever had the pleasure to train.


Thanks again Patty-


Luna- Molly/Hank  

jordy and milo
previous puppy
pup from previous litter
pup from previous litter
pup from previous litter

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