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May 12, 2020:

Pepper and Buddy's litter arrived May 12, 2020. 3 Females and 5 males were born.   Pepper is a granddaughter of Esther and comes from lines including Wolf Plains and Shadowrock. Paired with Buddy, this litter should produce pups that will be excellent for the foot hunter, as Pepper is a closer working female, like Buddy. The laid back disposition from the parents should carry over to the pups making them excellent house companions as well. Pups should be between 55# and 65# at maturity. **THIS LITTER IS SOLD**

                                                 View litter here.

Country-Side's Salt N Pepper and Country-Side's Spot On Buddy

Born December 09, 2022 - Jersey and Buddy 

We are pleased to announce the birth of Jersey and Buddy's litter. 7 Females and 2 Males were born.  Jersey comes from exceptional parents; Wind River's Cabela's American Sniper (Legend) - MH and Turtle Creek TW's Whiskey Girl - JH. Jersey is a very laid back girl, with an easy going disposition.  In the field, she is a consistent and determined hunter.  She works close and methodically.  Jersey has a drive for birds both on land and in the water.  In the house, she's mellow and well mannered.  Buddy is very biddable and all business when in the field and aims to please. He has a very strong desire and drive out in the field, as well as performing water retrieves for duck and geese. Buddy is a close working dog, ranging out 50-60 yards. With these great hunting qualities and combined with his loving personality, Buddy is a wonderful all around dog as well as excellent companion in the house. Pups from Jersey and Buddy will be high drive, style and tons of natural ability, not to mention sweet personalities. 

**This litter is SOLD**

View litter here.

Country-Side's TW Hole in the Bottle Jersey                                            Country-Side's Spot On Buddy

Located just north of Green Bay, WI, we have been specializing in the care, training, standards and love of the German Shorthaired Pointer since 1999.  A pup purchased from us will fit your lifestyle both in the home and hunting aspects. We guarantee all our AKC pups, for both health, and hunt. 

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