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Esther JH & Buddy February 19, 2020 Litter

This litter is SOLD

Archie 04-04-2020 SOLD
Hatchet 04-04-2020 SOLD
Zazu 04-04-2020 SOLD
Vayda 04-04-2020 SOLD
Corkie 04-04-2020 SOLD
Hatchet, Corkie, Archie 04-04-2020
Zazu 04-04-2020 SOLD
Archie 04-04-2020 SOLD
Archie 03-25-2020 SOLD
Hatchet 03-25-2020 SOLD
Zazu 03-25-2020 SOLD
Vayda 03-25-2020 SOLD
Name TBD 03-25-2020 SOLD
Hatchet and Zazu 03-25-2020
Male 1-Archie- 03-17-2020
Male 1 03-17-2020
Male 2-Copper- 03-17-2020
Male 2 03-17-2020
Female 1-Zazu- 03-17-2020
Female 1 03-17-2020
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Located just north of Green Bay, WI, we have been specializing in the care, training, standards and love of the German Shorthaired Pointer since 1999.  A pup purchased from us will fit your lifestyle both in the home and hunting aspects. We guarantee all our AKC pups, for both health, and hunt. 


W3211 Seward Heights, Peshtigo, WI 54157

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Corkie 04-04-2020 SOLD