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While all of Country-Side Breeders dogs stay in the house with us and are family companions, they are also used for hunting purposes. In keeping with the close working lines, we are able to produce pups that invariably work in the 40-60 yard range. The dogs are hunted on pheasant, quail, chukar and grouse in the northern part of WI. Their closeness and thoroughness allows them to get into the thick cover to find birds consistently. Duck hunting is also a strong point for them.

Their natural abilities permit them to work the fields with ease. They will work both the ground and air, searching for scent. The dogs are very driven in the fields. They are great both on the land and in the water and have retrieves that are soft and to the hand. They honor other dogs as well as quarter beautifully. Checking in while hunting is a given with these dogs.

A pup from any of these dogs is sure to make you a proud owner and hunter!

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