In Memory Of

This page is dedicated to the ones that we've loved and lost in our lives...

Hank - August 5, 2002 - July 15, 2014

Hank was one of the best dogs I've ever had. He left a huge impact on many lives, not only personally but through his pups as well. His love and devotion to the family was amazing. For those of you that knew Hank, you knew how mellow and gentle he was. He was always so tolerant to young kids as well as other dogs, expecially all the new litters that he witnessed and produced. Hank was a natural in the field, starting at just 8 weeks old, when we brought him and his brother home. He had his 1st bird shortly after we brought him home. He pointed that bird and would not budge until I flushed it. From then on, I knew Hank was going to be a legend for us. He proved himself and will always hold a very dear and special place in all of our hearts.


Molly - October 5, 2003 - March 29, 2011

March 29, 2011 brought an unexpected death to our beloved Molly. We will forever miss your special snort while getting a snack, pawing at us heavily while asking for more pets, serenity during the delivery of your litters, maternal instincts and willingness to oversee any other litter that you felt may need help, demeanor towards new dogs in the house and any visitors, persistence in the field, finding any lost or overlooked birds and your closeness and style upon finding those birds. You were our foundation dog to many wonderful solid liver pups, our own Goose included, and your legacy will forever live on. Rest easy Magoo. We will one day meet again.


Carver - June 30, 1997 - September 4, 2010

Carver was the start of Country-Side Breeders. She produced many wonderful dogs in her time. Carver came to us as a young adult, without any listening or hunting skills. She was a very easy female to train and bring into our home, but also had her moments with the infamous ear plugs. Carver was always by your side in sickness, comforting you. She was also by your side in the field, finding birds and bringing them back. While Carver was an independent female, she was never going to pass up a moment for some loving. Her favorite spot was under the covers in the waterbed. Carver enjoyed being outside, teasing the cats, but if there was any slight chance for rain or snow to come our way, you would find her inside, not even attemptting to put a toe outside until the ground was dry again. Her uncanny abilities to go to non-dog loving people and make them laugh and smile will always be remembered. Carver gave us many happy years. She certainly lived a wonderful and easy going life and will be missed dearly.

Pearl - June 16, 2008 - January 12, 2010

Country-Side Breeders lost all too soon, a very lively, outgoing and happy member of the family to complications from surgery. Pearl was always doing something to make us laugh, be it her sassy personality, chasing the dogs around the house, jumping the gates to get the toys first, sneaking up the stairs at night and climbing into bed with us, or her crazy energy level outside. Pearl was always happy to meet new people and dogs that came over. One pet was never enough for her! She was a wonderful mother to her 4 pups; so attentive to them and so trusting with the other dogs. Her love to be outside never got old for her. While she never had the opportunity to go to Iowa with the others, she certainly had the drive and style for it. Her nose was always in the pine trees or in the fields when running. Pearl's short time with us has left a permanently happy spot in our hearts. She was a very outgoing and strong willed girl, that gave us many laughs as well as many frustrating moments, none of which we'd give up for anything. We'll miss you Pearl!

Hunter - August 5, 1998 - November 16, 2007

Country-Side Breeders regrets to say that we lost one of our best hunters in the house...Hunter. Hunter was one fantastic bird finding machine and hunting partner! He had just returned from his most recent and most successful trip to Iowa yet. He was the last of the original members to make the annual trip. His excitement to go hunting was spectacular. His drive was non-stop. Hunter was not only an awesome hunter, he was also an outstanding family member. He was a great babysitter in the yard with the other dogs; innocently "telling" when the others wondered off. His happy feet always brought a smile to your face. Words will never express the loss to our family. He will forever be sadly missed by each and everyone of us, as well as his hunting buddies/partners.
Rest in peace, Hunty-boy.

Heart - July 30, 1999 - May 14, 2003

Heart was an amazing girl. She could hunt like no other and nurture her litters just as well. Although she’d only just begun to discover her true capabilities of hunting, her hunt in Iowa will always be remembered. She proved herself to the entire group throughout a tireless week of excellent pointing and retrieving. Her disposition towards perspective buyers of her pups was awesome. She had pride in her litters and it showed.
The recliner will never be the same without having Heart on it in the morning. We will all miss her.



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